Wine Chiller Rod - RB Trends
Wine Chiller Rod - RB Trends
Wine Chiller Rod - RB Trends
Wine Chiller Rod - RB Trends

Wine Chiller Rod

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Life is too short to drink bad wine. This amazing tool keeps your favorite wine chilled without compromising its fine taste.

Keeps Wine Cool - Make sure that you and your lovely guests don't settle on warm wine. This chill rod keeps pre-cooled wine at an ideal temperature. It's so much better than ice cubes as it will never affect its original taste.Smart Design - As you serve your guests, the awesome built-in pourer and rubber seal ensures a smooth stream of wine without dripping. The aerator also lets your wine breathe and preserve its flavor. A perfect combination of smart design to fit all bottle sizes and functionality.

Safe & Durable - Made from top-quality, FDA-approved and food-grade materials that is perfectly safe to use that will give you the perfect cooling experience.

How to Use:

1. Store the chill rod inside the freezer for about 1-2 hours.
2. Pour an ample amount of wine to allow the chill rod to be inserted into the wine bottle.
3. Insert the chill rod to cool the wine.
4. Pour the wine into a glass through the spout.
5. Enjoy your favorite wine or champagne! Cheers!

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