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Steak clip

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Make cooking a breeze with this amazing Double Spatula Turner + Tongs. From home cooks to pro chefs, everyone will surely love this must-have kitchen accessory.

Convenient - Easily grip and flip burger patties, steak, fish, vegetables, and bread with this amazing tool. Its wide double-clip design makes it easier to turn food without slipping and making a mess. Simply grasp the food and turn it over with ease!

Versatile - You can use it as a single spatula, a double-sided turner or a tong. Whatever food you're cooking, this will make everything easier and comfortable from turning to serving. It is dishwasher-safe too!

Top-Quality - Beautifully crafted from high-grade stainless material which also has great heat insulation properties that will prevent your hands from being scalded. It is definitely the perfect tool that will last and aid your cooking for a lifetime.

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