Mini Car Trash Can
Mini Car Trash Can
Mini Car Trash Can

Mini Car Trash Can

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 Are you tired of not having a place to put your trash inside your car? Keep your car clean and organized with Mini Car Trash Can!

One-click: Just push the button and the lid opens with no effort at all and keeps the smell away. 

Design: With a smart and discreet design, Mini Car Trash Can is made with Aluminium Alloy and  ABS, making it durable and resistant and has the perfect shape to fit in anywhere in your car, office and home.

Multifunctional: Mini Car Trash can be used in your house, next to your computer, tabes or on your nightstand. And can also be used as storage to place whatever you need. 

Easy to Clean: Replace the trash bag in seconds removing the aluminium casing, placing the garbage bag into the liner, inserting the liner back into the aluminium casing. 

Material: Aluminum Alloy+ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Capacity: 500mL/17oz

Package Inlcudes:
1x Mini Car Trash Can
1x Roll of Trash Bags


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