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90° Corner Clamp

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Clamping two pieces of wood together at 90° can be a tedious task to do. This 90° Corner Clamp will easily get the job done for you.

Versatile - This clamp perfectly works on both 90° corners and T-joints. It guarantees both reliability and versatility when working with a variety of materials such as boxes, shelves, cases, cabinets, and many more.

Quick-Adjust Handle - The padded and ergonomic handles let you make quick and easy adjustments to match material thickness up to 1 inch.


Large Clamping Surface - This is a great addition as it protects soft woods against unattractive workpiece imprints.

Secure Grip & Convenient Cutouts- Ensures that your pieces are clamped together at a precise 90° angle with the perfect clamping pressure. Conveniently drive pocket-hole screws without removing the clamp with its cutout.

Heavy-Duty - It's definitely made to last as it made of top-grade stainless steel materials.

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